Aria and mr fitz dating in real life

aria and mr fitz dating in real life
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Pretty Little Liars Aria and Ezra Deleted Scene

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DESCRIPTION: I was just repulsed. The reall only made it worse. And this had happened to my school, a teacher being involved with a student and she was a woman and I felt really upset about it but during PLL I was okay with it. A post shared by Lucy Hale lucyhale on Sep 16, at 3:.

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That's going to be at least 7 years after Maggie left him. Even when they show Ezra with Aria's friends, it's either him as an authority figure like Emily's boss or just really weird in boxers on the Xmas special , but I still think the writers are purposefully down-playing some of the things that could highlight how 'unhealthy' the relationship might be. Happy birthday to one of the kindest, funniest souls I have the pleasure of knowing. The pair — known to fans as "Ezria" — was beloved from the beginning. Save changes Preview Cancel. The craziest trends, most unique treatments, and strangest subcultures in the beauty world. I think there's a big difference between a 16 year old dating a 26 year old, compared to a 30 year old dating a 40 year old or even someone who's 20 with someone who's

Lucy Hale & Ian Harding aka Aria & Ezra of ‘Pretty Little Liars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.

aria and mr fitz dating in real life
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Hale is happily dating a British drummer, Adam Pitts, and Harding just revealed to People that he is taken and has been for four years! The pair — known to fans as "Ezria" — was beloved from the beginning..

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  • Lucy Hale and Ian Harding’s Real-Life Relationship — What Is It Like?
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When they broke up as Aria graduated, I was thankful. But, there has always been one big problem with the show — how relationships with underage girls and grown men are portrayed..

  • Aug 26, - Lucy Hale and Ian Harding's Real-Life Relationship — What Is It Like? Aria and Ezra are one of Pretty Little Liars' most beloved couples. moment to answer a fan question about what Ian and Lucy are like together on set.
  • Mar 24, - Lucy Hale and Ian Harding play Aria and Ezra on PLL. They have palpable chemistry so are always asked if they're dating, They're not, but still Although fans would love for the couple to be a real-life pair, it's not happening.
  • Ian Harding Talks Kissing Lucy Hale - Pretty Little Liars Subscribe | Send Chels a.

There are a lot of things that I guess aren't real in the show Although the costars aria and mr fitz dating in real life love each other, the feelings are only platonic. Some were way too creepy, some were not creepy enough. As of last week the two were engaged, but their wedding seemed as far off as ever. Somehow, the only people who ever have concerns about the relationship are Aria's parents, and even they give in. While they try to make Aria look younger, it's clear enough she's not in high school.

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