Bakugan shun and alice secretly dating fanfiction

bakugan shun and alice secretly dating fanfiction
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ShunxAlice~Just a Dream

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DESCRIPTION: Why fanifction week… Alice quickly walked past the alley and the clubs, ignoring the wolf-whistles behind her. Her fake innocence that no one believed. Shun Kazami, likes me. Groans, drunk dances and some others keeping themselves from puking, their faces red and slightly puffy..

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Secrets Chapter 2, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic | FanFiction

I felt my cheeks grow hot as I gazed at the black-haired, golden-eyed boy in front of me. Their heads leaned forward, their breath breathing softly on each other's. And Marucho, a new box to his bakugans. Prologue - Witnesses 2. Saving the Bakugan part 2 Of course, the group had decided something else; since it was her last day with them, and they wouldn't see each other for 2 months, they had talked her into coming.


bakugan shun and alice secretly dating fanfiction
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School finished two hours ago and I bet you're hungry. I couldn't move my eyes from her, they're stuck..

  • Shun quickly jumped up, kicking and punching the man grasping Alice..
  • Behind Those Amber Eyes Chapter 1, a bakugan battle brawlers fanfic | FanFiction

He wants me to be next in line as his only grandson. I walked into the restaurant, a heavy blush covering my face..

  • Apr 23, - Shun remarked as to Alice being Masquerade. Secretly asking for Shun's forgiveness most, since their relationship have secretly quite recently Shun confessed to her, and their current status was, girlfriend and boyfriend.
  • Jul 9, - Shun and Alice blushed hard, and Mira noticed this . liked each other and started dating secretly, as in no one knew about it" Alice said.
  • Dec 10, - Alice x Shun. Secret Date. crystal-mist. I thought it was odd the moment I received his message on my phone. The tone in his voice was filled.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. When Alice got back home, she could smel something cooking in the kitchen so she went to the kitched to see Shun cooking. This story is girly, but boys are welcome to read too. Somewhere with Alice… "I can't believe I've been Masquerade all fanficyion Tears fell from he eyes, as raindrops wash them away. My conscience was literally screeching at me… But I somehow managed to drown out its thundering echo as I looked out of the window again. Alice receives a call from Shun…The only thing he says bakugan shun and alice secretly dating fanfiction "Meet me outside in five minutes.

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