Glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating

glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating
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Finn/Rachel/Puck "If you get with me.."

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DESCRIPTION: Rachel rolled her eyes. You really should drop the act and go out with me already. Let me start out by saying there is a part of everyone that they keep hidden because they're glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating that if people found out then they would be ridiculed and have no friends. He contemplated lying for all of ten seconds until he noticed the look on Rachel's face; she looked amused as well and fuck if he was going to disappoint the people he counted as his two best friends again, much to Hudson's displeasure..

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Reason of Misery Chapter 1: The Ending, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

If Puck put a claim on Rachel she would be his unofficially and they would all know that she was off limits. The couple walks by them, Puck nodding silently, Rachel waving with a smile, and leaves them behind, Kurt gaping, Mercedes outraged. Rachel stared at him looking sorry him because nobody wants to go throught that ever and she hated that feeling of being unwanted. Story Story Writer Forum Community. They didn't go through one date with him at least getting two sexual innuendos in.


glee fanfiction rachel and puck dating
My name is Joanna, 24.: I love getting a variety of emotions and impressions of life. I love children, animals and traveling. I often work with the children - drawing on their faces of various animals or cartoon characters.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I'm sick of all of you acting like I ruin everything!.

  • The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Who the hell gets this pissed over a kiss that happened ten years earlier?.
  • Puck's Got A Girlfriend? Chapter 1 First Date, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

Getting all the solo's and duets isn't enough anymore..

  • Jan 13, - Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Puck, Rachel B. - Chapters: 39 . "Your actually asking what I want to do on our first date?
  • Jun 23, - What if right after their Need You Now duet, Puck and Rachel started secretly dating, and Pucks not too happy with the whole secret thing.
  • Nov 25, - Puck came into Glee the following Thursday after his date with Rachel to find Matt, Mike and Finn all seated in the corner watching as Rachel.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Finn noticed that Puck became tense over Mike and Matt ogling Rachel and frowned. Chapter 6 Santana's Plan 7. Ad responded sounding somewhat surprised at Puck's suggestion being a good one. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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