Hook up wood stove to furnace

hook up wood stove to furnace
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How-To Install a Wood Burning Stove

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DESCRIPTION: Hook up wood stove to furnace to the Winners! Oh, and smile, its a Beautiful day. If you used a product against what the MFG intended it to do you could have issues. I'm confident I could do it fine myself, but my insurance company requires a licensed professional to do it, and I'd rather avoid my insurance company bailing on me if, heaven forbid, the house catches fire from the furnace. You hok log in or sign up to post here..

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How to Connect Your Wood Stove Fan to Central Heating Ducts | Home Guides | SF Gate

Even then, it will require careful monitoring. Look into coal stoves if you want to see a group of back room tinkerers, stoves with full heat jackets, removing blowers to rooms below the stove for quieter stoves, the list goes on and on. DexterDay got most of the details for you, But I recommend installing a larger CFM blower to both lower the duct temps and raise the volume of output to get the air upstairs. Another option that has been mentioned already: But people have done it and got it to work for them. You are not allowed to have a return air in the same room as a wood stove. Yes, my password is:

How to Connect Your Wood Stove Fan to Central Heating Ducts.

hook up wood stove to furnace
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Sign up using Email and Password. Are there new style wood stoves on the market that will allow this set up?.

  • The reason is that you could suck in the exhaust from the wood stove and circulate it throughout the house. Others say you can hook in to the output side and run it through the furnace, but I was told that could ruin the forced air furnace, and that I would have to put dampers in to by-pass the electric furnace altogether..
  • attaching wood furnace to current duct?
  • Wood stove, possible to hook up to the duct work?
  • Wood stove, possible to hook up to the duct work? - freshtag.me Forums

Every ones needs and set-ups are different..

  • Check out How to Connect a Outdoor Boiler to an Indoor Wood Furnace! The aquastat on the stove wall.
  • Installing a forced air fan for a wood or coal burner using duct work and a six inch electrical fan and a range.
  • Connecting your wood stove fan so that it services all of your central heating ducts can be done efficiently only if the fan is connected at the furnace plenum.

There are a couple members on here that have ductwork hooked to freestanding stoves like yours. My Fahrenheit only has Pellet Furnace. The pellet stove makers seem like a pretty conservative bunch. And how about the warning that the "use of any replacement parts not recommended by the manufacturer is prohibited" don't manufacturers only hook up wood stove to furnace the parts that they use and SELL?! They had a Heating company look at the house because all the rooms were cold except the room with the pellet stove.

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