Is stacy westfall deaf and mute

is stacy westfall deaf and mute
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Silent Canter: A dream to become the first Deaf Horse jockey

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DESCRIPTION: I told the fella that sent it after working with you I thought you would find that funny. People will know your strength and admire your skill as a horse lover. Also, I did comment on the original false FB post correcting it..

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Stacy Westfall Deaf & Mute? | Westfall Horsemanship

Someone sent that to me in an email about a month ago. Wow Kirsty came full force out of negative left field huh? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Surely, you have other things you would rather respond to. Ellen Rowes December 2, at 9:

Stacy Westfall – the woman who rides bareback.

is stacy westfall deaf and mute
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I still appreciate their intentions, but wanted to clear things up. Premium members may post their own notices in the Event Announcements forum..

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I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Note that she rides without a saddle or halter and bit and obviously without voice commands..

  • Sep 22, - Have you seen this false claim about Stacy Westfall being a deaf mute who trained her horse in three weeks? Have you seen the following.
  • Dec 5, - Can someone post a copy of the false email that is going around right now? I wanted to write a new blog about it but I only have a copy of the.
  • Stacy Westfall (born September 26, ) is a professional horse trainer who specializes in performance had "gone viral" across the internet containing a claim that she was in her 20s, deaf, and mute, none of which was accurate.‎Early life and career · ‎Career milestones · ‎Mainstream media.

It is amazing and so inspirational to watch. Melissa on Is stacy westfall deaf and mute 11, at It is always best to do it with grace and humor. People seem to be bored with there own being so the faberication begins. I also have been correcting people who have posted the link with this description. Yes she did great at her routine but she can hear as speak! It is anv very derogatory term.

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