Gartner enterprise information management maturity model

gartner enterprise information management maturity model
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The Enterprise Information Management Control Maturity Model

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DESCRIPTION: We have a library of dozens of examples of how organizations in every industry and geography have innovated with information. July 6, at 3: He took a completely financial approach focusing on budgeting for EIM. Many of them, however, focus on outcomes and economic benefits rather than the intricacies of how information is gartner enterprise information management maturity model..


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The Gartner Enterprise Information Management Maturity Model | Gartner Webinars

July 6, at 3: Furthermore, the owner could be an individual or committee. Therefore, there will be Why, What, and How in this space. The content on this blog is provided on an "as-is" basis. Having a well-defined vision and set of associated metrics can be useful in identifying if and when legacy technologies are reaching their end-of-life. I only recently found this webinar.

The Gartner Enterprise Information Management Maturity Model.

gartner enterprise information management maturity model
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A fiduciary is someone with a contractual and ethical obligation for the well-being of an asset or portfolio of assets typically financial assets, but just as applicable to information assets. FOIA prohibits government organizations in the US from selling or licensing information, but there are clever ways to monetize it internally and externally e..

  • Remember, EIM is a program or initiative. It helps move an organization from silos to enterprise holistic and disciplined approach..
  • Toolkit: Enterprise Information Management Maturity Self-Assessment
  • Thoughts on Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Maturity Q&A
  • | Science, health and medical journals, full text articles and books.

I was pleased they removed the reference to physical assets only as it appeared to be equally applicable to intangible assets like information..

  • Mar 2, - Gartner's maturity model for enterprise information management provides the building blocks to achieve a strong EIM program. The maturity model will help data and analytics leaders advocate EIM principles and resources within their organization.
  • Successful information management requires a balanced attention to vision, strategy, metrics, organization and roles, governance, life cycle and infrastructure. The Gartner EIM Maturity Model provides a framework for self-assessment and planning which this abbreviated version of the Gartner enterprise information maturity.
  • Feb 23, - Gartner enterprise information management (EIM) maturity model webinar Q&A session.

Furthermore, the owner could be an individual or committee. Is mission drive the vision? The models themselves including guidance on how to do the calculations and adapt them is in the Gartner research publication: The Freedom of Information Act assures this, and recent open data mandates ensure the improved utility of information both within these organizations, and by others. It helps move an organization from silos to enterprise holistic and disciplined approach. I was gartner enterprise information management maturity model ownership of data is in line with Governance principles and thus comes the accountability of data owners. We have a library of dozens of examples of how organizations in every industry and geography have innovated with information.

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