She hid her relationship status on fb acting weird

she hid her relationship status on fb acting weird
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How to Hide Facebook Relationship Status Change

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DESCRIPTION: She still wants actlng be hit on that's why she hid the relationship status. I know other friends who don't publicise their relationship status because they haven't properly set up their privacy settings and don't want to tell the whole world. Cynicus Send a private message. Me and my girlfriend have been seeing each other for two months so weirs and while we average length of hookup before proposal quite serious about our relationship talked about the future, kids, etc. Her reasoning doesn't make sense..


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Hiding your relationship status on Facebook - The Student Room

This is the answer you need. This forum is supported by: I eventually changed my options so if I changed my relationship status it wouldn't be a huge announcement, people would have to go to my profile and look to see. Follow 18 This is total bullshit and she's up to something.

1. Her Relationship Status is "Single".

she hid her relationship status on fb acting weird
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Apr 13, No, I agree that this is a horrendous excuse to hide your status..

  • Feb 18, 5. The question is if she is trying to keep any traces of the relationship off fb, and if so, why?.
  • Why won't my girlfriend change her Facebook relationship status back?
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  • Why won't my girlfriend change her Facebook relationship status back? - guyQ by AskMen

If she refuses, that's a clue. VillainousGamer91 , MGsubbie , flybonzai and 2 others like this..

  • This week I changed my relationship status on facebook to She accepted and then immediately hid her status from everyone (I'm not a big facebooker but its the thought behind it that bothers Yeah, she's acting your girlfriend set her relationship status with you on.
  • Feb 16, - I have several friends who hide their relationship status because they're not out . relationships), or it ends up being an incredibly awkward moment. . My cousin desperately wishes she HADN'T updated her facebook status.
  • She must have hidden her status as well - but it probably still says she is with me Facebook causes more stress and drama than anything else I know, now a days. . Thank you guys. funny how all of you seem to be my secret friends, - whom.

I don't intend on changing the relationship status, either I think that was what caught my attention. See I'd think that having a relationship status up would deter other guys from hitting on her. Student surveys and research Replies: The reasons she gave would at least have to be explained in more detail. And if the prior is the case, it's possible to hide from specific people. I don't even look at my SO's facebook at all.

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