Good questions to get to know a guy

good questions to get to know a guy
My name is Charlotte, 21 years: single females need attention from men! My place is near my man so I`ll do everything to make his life happy and not to be a problem. Do you like traveling ?? In what countries you was ???.

10 Questions to Ask To Get to Know Someone Better FAST!

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DESCRIPTION: Getting in trouble with the law is a great question, but it might be one that is better not asked right away. How to Talk gooc Girls and Guys. Be careful, he may go on and on and on…. How many pairs of shoes do you have? Pride is a huge trait in most any guy and definitely something to be aware of..

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Questions to Ask a Guy: Things to Ask to Keep You Talking

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Linda Shay August 25, , 9: And your worst trait? If you want to understand his feelings for you, then speak directly and honestly with him about your thoughts and feelings. Asking this question also lets your crush know you are interested in his likes and dislikes and want to get to know him better. Hello ilovecandy, so maybe you should tell him. Love in Different Languages.

200 Questions to get to know someone.

good questions to get to know a guy
My name is Alexandra, 27.: I have a kind and trustful heart. Positive outlook helps me to be positively-minded and cheerful. I have different interests in life so I am open to everything new! I am very romantic and affectionate, can`t you see this?:) Love and happiness mean a lot to me. I believe that it is so hard to live without love and being loved. And I hope that in this dating site I will find my happiness.

Melanie Snyder August 19, , 8: After you ask a question and receive an answer, give your take..

  • Who in your life do you admire the most? If he is a typical chauvinist, make sure to prove him who is the boss in the relationship..
  • 20 Fun Questions to Get to Know Him Better
  • 77 Good Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him

If you were forced to eat fast food for your every meal, what would be your top two places? Inspiration Trick Or Treat:.

  • Engaging and interesting questions to get to know someone. Perfect for If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for? What is the most . Try our questions to ask a guy.
  • This will give your guy a chance to tell you a good story and is a great way to get him talking. It will also let you know what kinds of things he is into and what he  ‎Deep questions to ask a guy · ‎Personal questions to ask a guy.
  • Aug 11, - When you're feeling down, who or what is your biggest go-to person or . Bonus: Questions To Ask A Guy If You Want To Know Who He.

You want him to also get to know you. And do you think it describes you? What actor would play you in a movie about your life? If so, what was it? What do you love most about travel?

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