Is 57 degrees hot or cold

is 57 degrees hot or cold
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People Experience -220°F (-140°C) For The First Time

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DESCRIPTION: If this hit as cool as the temperature gets, then you can say that seventy degrees is cool. If it was 30 degrees C then it would be hot because it is around 85degrees F. Akza is 57 degrees hot or cold, Dec 4, Damn boy, turn on some heat. Depends mostly on where you live, I would have to say living in the south a light hoodie and some pants..

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What Should You Wear When it is 60 Degrees? | Healthfully

Out of that sunlight and I start to get cold. Is 20 degrees cold or hot? According to the Hong Kong averages: SlowModem Weather at the speed of dialup! Is 35 degrees Celsius hot or cold? Try that when you are somewhere with real high DewPt's, you may never get the vehicle cooled down.

Is 57 degrees cold or is it hot?.

is 57 degrees hot or cold
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  • If it is sunny, maybe little wind, than it's okay to wear shorts. Is 5 degrees celsius hot or cold?.
  • What Should You Wear When it is 60 Degrees?
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  • At what temperatures do you consider it to be Cold or Hot?

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  • Oct 16, - I hate to say it, but your mom doesn't know what she's talking about. 57 is cool, but not cold. 57 is very comfortable, although you may need a.
  • For me its more of a neutral. It really depends on what your bodys used to. Where I would be fine wearing shorts and a tee shirt, at 57, someone.
  • Hot: more than 26 celsius (79f) Warm: from 17 to 26 celsius (from 63 to 79) Cool: from 14 to 17 celsius (from 57 to 63) Cold: less than 14 celsius  At what temperature do you start to wear short-sleeves.

Is 21 degrees celsius hot or cold? Split and merge into it. Dec 4, 1. Dec 4, 7. Temps without RH, DewPt can be very misleading.

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