Rubber fetish wear high end

rubber fetish wear high end
My name is Stella, 20 years: I am a positive and active woman who takes all the best from life. I like to travel, study the world, swim, play table tennis, volleyball. I love children, walking outdoors, nature, wildlife. I am a caring woman and always worry about my closest people. I like to give people a smile. It all begins with a smile. I want to give you my first smile, which will be remembered to you as one of the most pleasant moments..

Très Bonjour Lingerie Catwalk, Bodylook 2009/2010 Dusseldorf

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rubber fetish wear high end
My name is Cheryl, 20.: You know I always wanted to help people. When I was little, I treated dolls, bees and frogs. So when I grew up, it's naturally that I go for study at a medical university) So now I'm a doctor. But I work in an unusual hospital. This is a hospital for the mentally sick. Do you think this is strange? It was my conscious choice, I think that any person deserves to be treated. I'm right? Of course, this is a dangerous job I have, because you never know what to expect from such people. But there is a big plus, now I'm not afraid of anything!

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