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My name is Christy, 21 years: I’m a kind, loyal and down-to-earth person. I am attentive, gentle and sensual, and I believe my man will appreciate that. I’m romantic, and I would like to keep romance in our family forever. I’m friendly, steady and sympathetic. My friends and my family can always rely on me. I can help people any time they need that. I respect people for who they are, and I give people what I want to get in return. This is my life principle. I’m responsible. I will never give a word if I know that I can’t keep it. I’m very active. I like to spend time with friends, and I think that communication with people is a great entertainment. But I like to do a lot of other things for fun too. Life has so much to offer to us and I try to take everything from it. I can’t stay without doing anything. I’ve never understood lazybones. I can’t imagine my life on the coach. I lead an active lifestyle, and I am full of energy. I like sport, and I like to keep my body in a great shape. I go to gym often. I enjoy fitness and pilates. I’m very positive and for me the glass of water is always half full. Life is so great, and we can enjoy it to the fullest.

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So if in the distant future, the observable universe will only be our local group, and it will appear as an isolated static system with no way to show otherwise. is it possible that an analogous illusion is being played on us right now? Like that we are in a larger, static universe, but some event caused an expansion of our local pocket (the observable universe , leading us to incorrectly deduce the big bang and stuff? For the record, I believe in the big bang as strongly as I believe in anything. Just curious, that's all.

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