Oil in bottom plugs of twins

oil in bottom plugs of twins
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Oil on spark plug

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DESCRIPTION: Last edited by yellowFatboy; at I have an MG attached to a TA. Choosing Reading and Replacing Spark Plugs..

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Twin Disc - oil drain plugs

We need to know which model you have. That is exactly what i was looking for. Wheels brakes and tyres. Motorcycle Servicing and Repairs. If it is in good shape, don't bother replacing it. Installing an Aftermarket Camshaft. It contains a lot of information on the bikes up to and much of it is applicable to newer models such as some of the torque values for fixings as well as the tips Mick gives on checking and refurbishing.

J&P Cycles Technical Forums.

oil in bottom plugs of twins
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Installing an Aftermarket Camshaft..

  • Maybe that's why the manual calls for 3. Now that your engine and transmission oil are draining, stand your bike upright until oil stops running out of the holes..
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  • Moto Guzzi Twins Restoration - Mick Walker - Google Books

I ran the engine untill warm to put as much oil back in the tank as possible..

  • Originally Posted by fatcat I think the plug that is in question is only on the soft ail models. Nope, it's on all twin cams. It's the one they.
  • Apr 12, - I have a FXSTI and noticed that there is a threaded plug, bottom of crank case, right side - what the heck is it? It's not the oil, tranny freshtag.me leak out of stator plug hole.
  • Im curious what everyone is using to change oil in a Twin Disc. I have the large drain plug at the bottom that has maybe " of clearance.

Your browser is blocking JavaScript!! Lowering TwinShock Rear Ends. I believe the other drain plg you see is to drain the tranny. Please enter a valid email address for yourself. For Evolution Big Twins and Sportsters.

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