Sexual harassment employee training

sexual harassment employee training
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Employee Basic Training

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DESCRIPTION: The sexual harassment poster reinforces your rtaining sexual harassment policies and augments HR training efforts. We're sorry this resource is no longer available, we've redirected you to our Resource center. Our online sexual harassment training courses foster a safe and productive work environment by training employees sexual harassment employee training what is considered sexual harassment, prevention training, and what to do if they see or experience sexual harassment..

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Sexual Harassment Training For Employees Online & On Site

Senator Bill Monning sponsored Senate Bill , which will now require sexual harassment training for farm supervisors, employees and labor contractors. The sexual harassment DVD reinforces HR training designed to protect your employees and your company from costly harassment lawsuits and a damaged reputation. Online sensitivity training is essential to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The sexual harassment poster reinforces your company sexual harassment policies and augments HR training efforts. According to Senator Monning, the need for the bill stems from frequent sexual harassment and sexual assault, including rape, which occurs within the farm worker population.

Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Training.

sexual harassment employee training
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Employers are obligated to provide workplace violence training to employees so they are aware of the forms of workplace violence that they are at constant risk of encountering while on the job..

  • Teach your employees the definition of Sexual Harassment Use 6 videos to train your employees and create a harassment-free workplace Construct a Legal Defense in the event of a sexual harassment lawsuit Are you in compliance? We employ instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, enabling your business to educate in a way that reduces risk and encourages compliant behavior..
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  • Dec 18, - This sample presentation is intended for presentation to employees versus supervisors and managers. This presentation does not include.
  • Interested in preventing sexual harassment at work? Explore our sexual harassment training programs, available in multiple regional compliance versions.
  • Helps employees and supervisors learn how to deal with sexual harassment in the workplace. For more.

The Sexual Harassment Poster provides a sexual harassment employee training message to all employees that sexual harassment is not tolerated in your workplace. Sexual harassment training is imperative for protecting your company from costly fines and a damaged reputation. Connecticut was the second state to require workplace measures in preventing sexual harassment. Request a course trial. Includes progam materials and test. Training on how to report harassment is part of the program, so your organization is protected in the event of a claim.

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