Who is amai liu

who is amai liu
My name is Carrie, 23 years: I am very modest and shy, like many ukrainian girls. I have never been abroad, but I would very much like to be there. I want to find my soul mate here! I like men who have their own goal in life, and who have already decided what they want! I also have my goals and therefore I need the same purposeful man. It is worth noting that my profession as a journalist in a small publishing house really makes me happy. I really think this is the business of my life!.

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DESCRIPTION: ATK Petite Amateurs 8. This website, reserved for an adult and informed public amak with all regulations. This itty bitty starlet began her career in the adult industry in at the age of Username Password Login Forgot your Password? Young couple enjoying filming rough sex..

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Bukkake Bukkake is a group sex act where several men take turns ejaculating on a male or female. Blond slut getting fucked in the woods. Amai is of Asian descent, and is often featured in sexy Asian porn videos. This beautiful blonde sucks all the boyfriend. Dirty Babysitter's Club 2. Sunny Leone knows how to tease us with toys.

The queen of male masturbation is Amai Liu.

who is amai liu
My name is Adrienne, 24.: If you are looking for a positive and optimistic lady, I am here! I have a good sense of humor, a lot of energy and many ideas how to make my life better. I never give up, I always have what to do. If you learn me better you will see that I am ready to create serious relations with a man, who will become my husband in the future. If you have any questions about my character, I will answer them with pleasure.

Height 4 feet, 10 inches cm Weight 74 lbs 34 kg Measurements 30A This itty bitty starlet began her career in the adult industry in at the age of .

  • Amai Liu — Sources. February 08, 28 years old..
  • Amai Liu - IMDb

A young street girl from the Czech Republic..

  • Oct 5, - Amai Liu is an American pornographic actress. Liu joined the Porn industry after she watched a porn scene one day and a pop-up came up that said, "come play with us". All information for Amai Liu's wiki comes from the below links.
  • Jan 12, - Amai Liu was born on February 14, in Hawaii, USA. Her real name is Stephanna Albertson and so far she has performed under many porn aliases like Amai Lui, Miss Amai, Tiny Tabby, Amai Liv, Amai Wong, Jamai Liu, Ami Liv. She has mostly been casted in Asian films; Amai was cast.
  • Amai Liu, Actress: College Bash. Amai Liu was born on February 14, in Hawaii, USA as Stephanna Albertson. She is an actress.

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