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More and more renowned scientists worldwide publish their researches on the favorable impact of CBD on the human body. Not only does this natural compound deal with physical symptoms, but also it helps with emotional disorders. Distinctly positive results with no side effects make CBD products nothing but a phenomenal success.

This organic product helps cope with:

  • Tight muscles
  • Joint pain
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorder

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We have created a range of products so you can pick the most convenient ones depending on your needs and likes.

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CBD Capsules

These capsules increase the energy level as you fight stress and sleep disorder. Only 1-2 capsules every day with your supplements will help you address fatigue and anxiety and improve your overall state of health.

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CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture

No more muscle tension, joints inflammation and backache with this easy-to-use dropper. Combined with coconut oil, CBD Tincture purifies the body and relieves pain. And the bottle is of such a convenient size that you can always take it with you.

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Pure CBD Freeze

Pure CBD Freeze

Even the most excruciating pain can be dealt with the help of this effective natural CBD-freeze. Once applied on the skin, this product will localize the pain without ever getting into the bloodstream.

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Pure CBD Lotion

Pure CBD Lotion

This lotion offers you multiple advantages. First, it moisturizes the skin to make elastic. And second, it takes care of the inflammation and pain. Coconut oil and Shia butter is extremely beneficial for the health and beauty of your skin.

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  • Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania: What will happen, and what won’t
  • How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter (or ‘Cannabutter’)
  • HOW TO MAKE QUITE POSSIBLY - THE BEST MARIJUANA BROWNIES IN THE COUNTRY. Cooking with cannabis - the best recipes know to. Are you having a party and the guests appreciate finer edibles? How to make, quite possibly the tastiest cannabis popcorn around. . card holders will pay $85 less per ounce in many countries as they are tax exempt. Weed brownies are perhaps the easiest way for medical cannabis people eating extremely strong brownies, trying to sleep it off after a while.


    According to lab tests, clarified butter beat out coconut oil and all other oils. Coconut oil was a fairly close second though. Again, i personally like coconut oil for the smell, taste and my own personal health issues. If you use coconut oil, do you still add water too? And, does coconut oil get solid in the fridge like butter? Coconut oil does get harder in the fridge same as regular butter.

    If you leave it out it becomes more of a liquid, however my coconut oil that is left out stays fairly hard because the temp of my house. If you stir coconut oil it becomes a liquid too. It is super weird lol. It is about as healthy as lard. Coconut oil has more saturated fat than just about any vegetable based oil. So is butter and lard.

    The idea that coconut oil healthy is bogus. It may have something in it that may be beneficial but it saturated nature far outweighs that benefit. I wonder what cannabis infused avocado oil would taste like! Take guacamole dip to the next level! Its transfat which damages your arteries and causes cholesterol to adhere to them repeatedly in an effort to repair damage. Actually its sugar and refined carbs that cause damage and inflammation to ones arteries.

    Cholesterol repairs the damage, and then calcium adheres to the cholesterol, and blocks and calcifies the arteries, because people dont eat enough leafy greens, and lack vitamin K2, which moves calcium, along with help from Vitamin D3, out of the blood stream to bones and teeth where its needed. About every 10 years scientists come out and change their position on eggs. They go back and forth. Coconut oil has benefits beyond fat content.

    Lard is carcinogenic and has no real value beyond fat. I am not necessarily disagreeing with you, but I am curious your source of information. That lard is carcinogenic that is.

    It is in the nature of science to constantly be correcting course. As new information comes out, old information is verified or contradicted.

    Complaining that this means some old data is discarded and adjustments need to be made, is to misunderstand the very principle behind which science is based. Never once have I heard this about eggs. But up here in canada we have far higher standards for dairy, eggs and meat. Lard has less saturated fat than butter and a lot less than coconut oil. You can use any fat and mix them up. For eating, I make it with butter and olive oil for eating. Keep in mind that every single oil we are talking about is an incredibly complex mixture of completely different chemical compounds, most of which are fats.

    Each variety of fat is metabolised by each person differently. Do you add water to the coconut oil same as butter? I have never done this before but am going to start treating myself with MJ soon since I have tried pharmaceuticals for the past 2 years and am far worse off due to the side effects. I hear you with script drugs. I need to get off mine cuz they make my IBS bad. Make th3 pills go away. You need to move someplace where pot is legal or you can get it medically. I was using vast amounts of opiates for pain until I discovered how effective cannabis was.

    The cannabis even treated most of the nasty opiate withdrawal not all… my doctor helped. Butter and Coconut oil are complex mixtures of hundreds of different fats. The different oils have completely different compositions.

    Some fats have been shown to be beneficial, others detrimental. The question of which is healthier is usually about a particular individuals metabolism related to each fat. Having said all that, both contain some unpleasant fats with known deleterious effects.

    It is pretty safe to say that using either in excess is not a good idea, but moderation should make them safer. Old dietary science told us to eat margarine instead.

    But now we are much more aware of how bad that manufactured fat is and how healthy real butter is. If so should I add a cup of water to make sure of no burn?? How do you make tincture with the discarded weed from the dry vape? Happy New Year to everyone. Not meaning to sound stupid although that is totally true with this topic, since I have always bought the product , but how do you make tinture?

    Exactly what it says on my watch. And what, pray tell, does your watch say? Have you no watch, you wretched wretch? To make the tincture: Add the well-ground, decarboxylated cannabis into a jar Add your alcohol until the cannabis is covered Store it in a cool, dark corner somewhere for a few weeks, shaking the jar once each day to help the cannabinoids absorb Once the tincture starts to turn dark green, the cannabinoids have been absorbed and all plant matter can be strained from the alcohol After straining, simply add to an opaque dropper bottle and use as needed.

    I was about to ask this question before I read the comments, do you have to use milk or can you just use water like regular tea? Since it was already made with butter would you need to add more butter? I would think using water would be OK, or water then add some cream or half and half…. The goody in pot is oil soluble not water soluble. So it is released into the fat and there is nothing much left in the vegetable matter after so long. It would decarb the plant material tho, i believe mark just ate the stems after they were activated by boiling water.

    Just go for it buddy! Chai is the best! I often add a teaspoon on butter to hot chai and then top it with whipped cream and cinnamon.. Then I decarb about 35 minutes at degrees. The THC is activated so do I really need to take all day and make the butter?

    If you are say using an ounce of flower and turning it into cannabutter why the f would you consider eating half a lb of that butter in a sitting? You only will get so body high and you are going to end up just wasting so much for no reason at all. With an lb of cannabutter you can literally make 64 cookies at two tablespoons a cookie and have yourself a five to six hour high. So lets do some science. Two highs eating half a lb of butter lasting about hours total or cookie doses, each lasting about hours?

    As for the tea after. This is the only reason you could make any tea. NOT a pound…dunno where you got that idea. Both weed and butter have a good shelf life if you treat it right. Just keep it refrigerated in something air-tight. This way you could either add no water directly to the butter or add only a couple table spoons just as a precaution. I tried making the recipe, slow cooker. I put an ounce of weed, 4 sticks of salted butter and two cups of water. I kept it in my crockpot for 18 hours I had to stop because the smell was awful.

    I strained it using a cheese cloth, and put it in the fridge. I am not sure if my refrigerator is too cold or what, but nothing is separating!! It looks like green mush. What do I do?! Also, if i use hash, can i use coconut oil instead of butter in the slow cooker? If you want to cook with cannabis or marijuana, and you want to know how much butter you should use for a certain amount of cannabis, then you can use this calculator.

    Or if you want to know how strong the cannabutter will be or if you want to know how much flower or cannabis you should use, then you can use this calculator. The double boiler is good to keep it all under control. I use what comes out of my vaporizer and like to infuse olive oil…. About 5 years ago, I made up several liters and gave it as Christmas presents. I also use coconut oil, both make excellent edibles oil for cookies and brownies and butter for toast, bread, potato.. They buy Ghee instead of making it.

    Thus the higher cost of them buying it. Ghee is clarified butter, you can make it from unsalted butter but it takes a lot of time think half an hour of constant stirring over low heat then skimming the separated fat which is ghee.. If you ever make it to Oregon, we got your Ghee: Ghee or clarified butter is the best option for making cannabutter as it increases the shelf life and tastes better.

    How much to 1 cup or even 1 lbs of butter? It depends how strong you want it. Best way is decide how many servings you want, then multiple that by your usual dose Mix it with the oil or butter before adding to the recipe. I put it in my home made granola bars it still has some punch left in it. Guys, I am a newb. I am undergoing cancer treatments and need this in my mouth like yesterday.

    Anyone want to slow this all down and tell me how much to buy, how to grind it, how much to put into a batch of brownies.. All of the things.

    How much to buy — how many brownies are you going to make? How strong do you want them to be? An once of bud, maybe? Grind it a food processor or a hand pot grinder. Otherwise, add the ground up bud directly to the batter. Am I doing something wrong? I squeeze the cheesecloth out even press it out with a rolling pin…. Since butter is not pure milk fat and has some milk in it I would imagine some of is part of the water. Take the leftover material and make a tincture. That really cleans it up.

    Im planning on only using quarter ounce of weed and cooking in a slow cooker on low. Does that mean I should quarter the amount of butter and water? What about the cooking time? Should I quarter that as well? Is it possible to over cook cannabutter? It is a long labour intensive process and you need to clear hours. I left my butter overnight, but not for the 24 hours suggested. I did it in a crockpot on low. I doubled all the ingredients.

    Now it seems to be burnt and is dark brown. Any suggestions for next time? A real name-brand slow-cooker holds temp steady. Typically my consumption is only a couple grams a week tops. Leaf is fine, some say and I agree, its better in the alcohol. Its a most benevolent and generous plant treated nicely. The stuff that falls off the nug and is loose. Most dispensaries sell shake cheap.

    I pick up an ounce for 40 bucks. I am a total newbie at this, and would appreciate some help. Is it possible to mix butter with concentrated pure cannabis oil? And would it too be psyhoactive? Thank you very much in advance! This opens up a whole new world for me that I have only briefly thought about but not vigorously pursue … but now that I know …. Use the cheese cloth to line a metal strainer. Pour butter through, going slowly as it may take time to drain.

    I found a very fine metal strainer on Amazon for making cold coffee. No need for cheese cloth; the strainer is so fine it gets all the vegetable matter out of the fat.

    BTW, eating pot is the best and healthiest way of ingesting cannabis, not smoking or vaping. Any tiny amounts of solids separate and go to the bottom of the container. Just pour off the oil from the top if one is that fussy. These strainers are exceptionally fine. One has a screen that is micron mesh.

    Not much but the oil gets through. In a baked goods, no, because the temperature of the bake good never gets that hot except maybe at the edges. If used for roasting veggies at higher temp, a good portion of THC may be lost. You aint No Fucking expert if you are tossing. I have no idea how this fool is talking about adding water. The water is to prevent scorching. The water does nothing since the THC is fat soluble.

    So do you even understand science? The butter should be green not yellow as shown on the picture. I live in an enclosed condo and am concerned about the smell of making canibutter. My medicine has a strong oder. Any thought or suggestions? AIr fresheners, windows, enclosed area for the butter, start in the evening so the worst of the smell is in the middle of the night. I made my first batch of cannabutter.

    I have it in the fridg. Very bad taste with no benefit with use, even doubled, nothing, Oh well try try again. I am surprised that there is no recommendation for decarboxylation before making the butter. Every time I have decarbbed my weed beforehand I get a much more potent batch.

    Hi, I am new to cannabis. I have suffered all my life with celiac, gluten intolerance, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, narcotics seem to be my only hope of feeling mildly better,.

    I have been very tentative about cannabis. I have tried a vape, I have bought jelly candies and peanut butter.

    I think my fear is keeping me from jumping in with both feet. Can you tell me how and what to use to stop this sore skin, bone aching, Headachy feeling? Also, if you really want to make sure you jump in, buy a Volcano balloon vaporizer. The first was chocolate chip cookies that we would take to Disneyland, as no one suspected cookies in a snack bag at the happiest place on earth.

    The second recipe is still amazing. Back then no one we knew was doing it this way. Well if it didnt work. U did a mistake somewhere. Did this recipe lot of time and it always work. But sometime the potency of the final product may vary a lot. No need to add water, just let it soak in the oil for longer. I do it for 24 hours. Or your flowers are bunk. If i froze the cookies dough and baked them as needed, would the freezing process affect the potency?

    Asking for a friend. This is a totally different article, recipe and instructions for butter than I read on leafly last year. The old one worked fine for me. I keep reading about making cannabutter using the MBM2 and other devices that use no water. I f you could see what the water looks and smells like after separating from the butter, you wouldnt either.

    All of the water soluable never was much of a speller chemicals, fertilizer, fungi, bug droppings and most of the chlorophyl will stay in the water, leaving the finished butter devoid of such nastiness.

    Without water, all of that ncrap remains in the finished product …… EEEEwwwwww! My plants are in the second week of flower, and I just trimmed about 8 oz.

    Would this be strong enough? If not, any suggestions on what to do with it? I believe Rival does the same. Im trying all this for the 1st time ever …. I have decarbed my weed…..

    Ground up my weed course and poured it in the melted butter. Its on the stove…. Lid on or Off? Q What will it look like when its done and ready to strain?? The recipe in Part 1 How to Make Cannabis Infused Butter says to add 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of bud decarbed. Strain through cheesecloth into a jar. When and how do I separate the water from the butter? Should I strain into a bowl or tupperware and put in the fridge so the butter solidifies and separates at that point?

    Also for grinding the herb can I use a nice metal grinder you buy from dispensaries or do I need to buy 1 specifically for grinding cooking herbs? Oven decarb just needlessly pre-vapes your weed. Decarboxylation happens within the medium of the oil or butter while cooking, and the vapours get trapped in the medium. Without a matrix to contain the vapours, they are lost to the air. Surely some troll somewhere is laughing. So I noticed a lot of debate over what fat products butter, lard,coconut oil,ect.

    What type of food do most people make with cannabutter? Content failed to load. Country United States Canada. Sorry, you're not old enough to visit Leafly. Sorry, Leafly isn't available in your location yet. Leafly has updated Terms of Use. I agree to Leafly's Terms of Use. To continue, please check the box above. Our team of cannabis professionals collectively share years of experience in all corners of the market, from growing and retail, to science and medicine, to data and technology.

    Trickle-down Pentagon war-porno tech? Lawls, keep that tinfoil hat on. Never noticed any intoxicating effects myself. Thank you for the advise. THC is not water soluble. Poppies have opium, not heroin.

    Someone must have hit a nerve. And what is heroin made from? The short answer is the resin of poppy plants. So if A Flat gets high does that make them an A Natural? Where do you get poppy flowers? How soon after trimming can I use the trim? Why not just leave it on and finish the next day? The longer it simmers the better….

    Really … just using reggy? Alicia Lynn was that green or cured stems you used to do that with? Aw, you got snubbed at a party.

    PMB52 do you need to strain in cheese cloth still? I kick myself every day for not buying the 3kg case for much much less at G. Detou when we were last in Paris! There was just this needling concern about not having any way to pack it up… sigh. LOL And the brownies, they look good too! Where was this recipe last night?! Makes for gooey and delicious brownies! I have a question about cocoa: Also, is there a different step you have to use when using one kind of cocoa over the other, i.

    Thanks Deb, I may have to try these soon! You made my day! I grew up with this cake for birthdays 7x a year, and will be trying their version within a few weeks. If you use part dark brown sugar and part white sugar, it ups the rich, chewy factor. I also add semisweet chocolate chips to mine. I just made a batch made with dark cocoa powder all I had in the kitchen. So much better than box brownies! I love that you have the weights of everything. I am new to US baking, and I find the use of cups very frustrating and frankly rather amateurish — especially when dealing with things like cocoa or whole wheat flour!

    If there is a movement to pressure publishers to incorporate weight is baking recipes — sign me up! I actually stumbled upon this recipe last week and made a batch — even with generic cocoa, they were a roaring success. Will definitely be trying these next. For me, Alice Medrich recipes always turn out stellar. In my house, though, we like her chocolate-brownie recipe even more also found in Bittersweet.

    I see lots of brownies in my future. And now off to the gym to burn off seven million calories in anticipation of the coming chocolate onslaught…. Thank you, thank you. You nailed it completely -love the texture of the box mix but find I am always adding chips or other things to boost the flavor. And for a beginner baker I just started a month ago really they were fantastic. And I keep thinking about how the birthday girl took them home. And how she is only one person. And maybe she might need me to come over and help her finish them off now… I just need a good chocolate fix.

    But now I think I have the solution to not running over and stealing back the cakes. I use the Droste cocoa and save the Valrhona for other goodies. I was searching for the best brownie recipe ever, but I think you have completed it for me.

    I love dense, fudge, chewy, chocolaty brownies and personally, I could never understand what the purpose was of a cakey brownie. But these look like absolute squares of bliss. I love them, and they are so easy to whip up and delicious! When I was little my mom made brownies all the time and always used Droste cocoa. Wow, I love just plain straight brownies, no nuts for me. I have been falling in love with your blog for quite some time now, but have never commented. And you have turned out another recipe that I have been looking for, cocoa powder only brownies.

    I was fortunate to have just enough flour to make these today. They were easy with little mess and delicious. This has been my goto brownie recipe for years. Actually, I just made some the other day. They keep wonderfully in the freezer. They are so rich and fudgy and deep deep chocolately they are awesome.

    Friends and family regularly ask for them. This year we set our lab meetings for 7: So, to sweeten the deal, I decided to bake something for our meeting every week — I am making these brownies for this week.

    These look so dark and dense, my kind of brownie! Where did you get that mobile? I want one for myself. I never seem to have actual chocolate in the house when I crave brownies I…um…have no idea where it could be going….

    Will try this immediately. This has been my go-to brownie recipe since then. Thanks for adding Jacob and the new mobile to the ingredients. Reading your recipes on their own is good but looking at Jacob makes everything delicious! Thank you for the recipes, I am an unabashed fan. Hoe funny to see it in my RSS from the person who made it and then someone who ate it…. Jill — As I mentioned, you can also melt this in the microwave.

    However, for a double boiler you just set a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water so that it rests on or from the pot rim. However, rereading the directions, it sounds like I did this completely wrong because Medrich wants you to set your heatproof bowl in a skillet of barely simmering water. Which sounds awfully fussy to me, but I still would have tried had I bothered reading the directions properly.

    Do you just use a pyrex bowl over a pot of simmering water? Are you supposed to use a non-pyrex kind of glass? My boyfriend and I woke up to snow this morning and knew that whatever we ate today had to be made from what we had on hand. It was perfect that these brownies were posted because I had all of these ingredients. In fact, my boyfriend has now forbidden me from making boxed brownies.

    My favorite brownie recipe! Have been making it via Epicurious for years, and as you mention, I completely skip the bain-marie in favor of throwing the cocoa, sugar, and butter in the microwave for a minute. It works like a charm: I have used high and low end cocoa, and it is a perfect brownie, either way. The fat, if I had to explain it, is married to the rest of the ingredients in a way that never happens with a brownie made from chocolate. These turned out awesome.

    I found it took me almost 35 min to get them set, instead of the min. Oh, I wish I had seen this recipe yesterday. I love the combination of the brownies on the blue plate in the pics!

    Almost as pretty as your sweet baby smitten with his spectacular mobile. I use your classic brownie formula adapted from Cooks Illustrated all the time and swear by it. These look so decadent I might have to branch out of my brownie comfort zone….

    On another note, did you notice that brownies are in CI again this month? My mother and I agree that he is, by far, the most adorable baby we have ever seen. I just tried it for the first time the natural and the Laurie Colwin Cocoa Buttermilk cake I love and adore? I am curious — which type of cocoa did you use as I have both. I buy mine from penzeys. I made these this afternoon! I just tried this recipe and the batter was very thick when pouring it into the baking pan. We had to really spread the stuff into the pan.

    I think it may have been because we did not let the sugar dissolve all the way into the butter when heating them together. They still ended up tasting great but I am left thinking they could have been even better! It looks like your batter was much smoother- did you wait until the sugar dissolved?

    Read this and immediately went to my kitchen and started baking. And, the microwave works like a gem for the first step. And I loooove box brownies. There, I said it. I am totally making these. Just after we finish the chocolate stout cake.

    These look like they are exactly the kind of brownies I always crave. Now I just need to buy cocoa! I just made these and am swooning. The perfect end to a snowed in day. I swear, we must karmically linked — every time I dig up a recipe and make it these days, you have made it and posted it within the same 24 hours. They are like little chunks of solidified hot fudge sauce.

    I have also had my eye on the 3kg of Valrhona cocoa powder…I keep wishing I had someone to split it with but nobody I know wants to go in. I live in Brooklyn so if you want to split it, email me. I already have a favorite, go-to brownie recipe that only requires cocoa the KAF Brownies , but these brownies are tempting me to try them! My blondies recipe melts the butter and brown sugar together and after 10 minutes, you mix in eggs, vanilla, and flour pecans are optional It produces a bar that gives me a wonderful hit of sweet pecan pie memories.

    Rich, it produces 16 fabulous squares. I LOVE this recipe. By the way, you have the most gorgeous little boy I have ever seen ;. I have your black bread recipe in the oven right now, picked up ingredients to make the mixed citrus salad with feta and mint tomorrow, and you post this?

    Oh that is not fair! And since I have all the ingredients I have no excuse not to make these tomorrow as well. My husband thanks you! How long do you think these would last? What about deleting the salt and adding sea salt to the top? I have been experimenting with sea salt on sweet dishes lately. I made a batch this morning, gave a few to my mom and sister.

    As soon as my mom came home she called me to ask for the recipe. I directed her here, and she now has a batch baking! I also love the Jacob pictures! The last batch I bought Pampered Chef? I was taken aback! I believe these were bamboo, though, and so perhaps can handle it better than the softer woods. But it was worth it. I must have a shiny topped brownie, or I just cannot be completely happy.

    I wish I had some now… nope, not gonna settle for a cheap chocolate cake from the shops, my will WILL remain solid. I make my brownies with cocoa and they rock she said modestly.. I usually find boxed mix brownies too sweet disclosure: I always use dark cocoa because it amps up the chocolate flavor even more and I am a fan of excess.

    I have been searching forever for an awesome brownie recipe that is fudgy and uses only cocoa powder. I tried a melding of the two types of brownies: They were out of control. Thanks again for sharing! You snuck in the baby-pic that time. The reassurance is always appreciated. These look and sound fantastic! They are to die for. I added pecans, and they were the perfect foil for the rich chocolate. I thought I felt that way because most things remembered from childhood seem better than what we have today.

    But now I wonder. Growing up, we lived where the shelf-stability of foods was a necessity, so my mom always had cocoa in the house. When I make those very same treats today, the chocolate flavor they have is somehow more — what? These things are delicious chocolately death. I made them immediately when I saw them on this site earlier today. It is extremely dark and delicious and seems very high quality considering how inexpensive it is.

    Does anyone else find that brownie batter is usually tastier than the finished product? Well, not with these babies. I replaced half the sugar with some cinnamon sugar I had left over from snicker doodle rolling and they turned out fabulously. Thanks for this awesome, awesome recipe. Hands down, my new favorite. This is very, very similar to the brownie recipe that I make, just slight variations in amounts [no nuts]. BTW, we do melt the butter in the microwave.

    I tend to prefer recipes that use cocoa and butter instead of melted chocolate. Kenzie — sometimes I sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the batter before baking, and the brownies come out with a light, crunchy top. And a big glass of milk, of course. Alice Medrich is one of my fave cookbook authors, and I adore her recipes.

    Thank you for the brilliant post. It is the silliest thing that I am going to write… but. The only good thing is that the peanut butter chocolate brownies, dried up as they were, made an amazing bread pudding.

    Atleast now I know that I need wet crumbs. Try sprinkling your nuts over the top of the brownie batter instead of mixing them in—not only decorative but tasty, as the nuts toast a bit, and are crisper. Also allows nut-free portions for the nut-averse—just leave part of the batter naked. As for doubling the recipe: Yes, a 9 x 13 pan works nicely. You see, I want the whole pan to myself. So I usually make a double batch; one pan for me, the other to share!

    I would recommend to using a good dark chocolate cocoa. If you can find Green and Blacks cocoa, then give that a go. Made these brownies last night. Not only were they wonderful, but they were easy to make. I am not a baker! Thanks for your dedication to this blog, your wonderful photographs AND your fantastic appreciation for food. And, I have a can of fair trade organic cocoa that I save for special recipes like this.

    These look great and easy. Oh no, not another potentially delicious brownie recipe! The chocolate marbled brownies have been declared the best brownies ever by my husband and the physical therapy department he was having shoulder rehabilitation that I shared them with. I always have to make a double batch if I make them to take somewhere. One to stay at home. Of course I will try these and prob? If I do, I will let you know the outcome.

    This recipe looks very similar to the one I make and very much enjoy. One addition I frequently make is to add a bit of Kahlua to the batter; it can really kick the chocolate up even another notch. This recipe sounds quick and easy and likely to please everyone.

    I juz baked some of them last Sunday… It was a bit too gooey. In the end, we had to use spoons to scoop it off the baking pan. Think next time should increase the baking time or put in the fridge b4 cutting…. Wow, Deb — I had to make my first comment ever after making these last night. Double win for me. I love using cocoa powder in baking. They ought to be deeeelicious! I am gluten free and use coconut flour, so they come out more cakey, but the extreme chocolate factor is still there.

    LOVE the color on these! I want to keep tested recipes for both kinds.. If you want to check out mine, hop over to my blog, they are tagged under go-to brownies: Did you know that the trick to cutting brownies at any temperature without shredding them is to use a plastic knife? Took me 40 years to figure this one out. How many WW points are in one of these amazing morsels? This one is so similar to one I happen to make last night …my search was for a recipe with coconut oil. Give it a try…any excuse to try a new brownie recipe is good!!

    Made these last night the beauty of using cocoa powder which everyone has around, eh? These are seriously dark, grown-up brownies. Had em for breakfast this morning. Thanks for posting this great recipe! Apologies if someone already mentioned this your ever-growing list of groupies is too long to read! I made these yesterday as my first attempt at non-box brownies. Huge hit at Game Night. Like Shelley, my favorite recipe for brownies is the Ina Garten recipe. I keep large packages of Ghirardelli double chunk brownie mix that I buy at Costco at home.

    I am on the funeral call list for our church, so they are my go- to mix for funeral receptions. I am always asked for my recipe. I use very strong coffee in place of the water that is called for; or a little expresso powder. I am going to try your recipe because it looks fudgy and delish.

    This has to be THE most comments I have ever seen on your recipes. I attribute it to two things…everything chocolate, and Jacob! This was the only way my mother would ever make brownies. Powdered cocoa rocks, I love a good recipe that uses it so that you can make it to your own level of desired sweetness.

    I myself, would rather taste an immense bite of pure chocolate as opposed to a mouthful of sugar any day! Thank you for this recipe. My own Jacob is now a 30 year old married lawyer, but still adorable. Oh, also love the description of these brownies and will definitely try them.

    I woke up, saw this recipe posted, and made a batch. Deb, do any of your brownie recipes use honey? I thought, as I was making them, that.. I messed up this one! I was waiting for the butter to melt the mixture into a soupy consistency but this never happened. And it never got really hot, like you mention but this may have just been my bowl? However, my story has a happy ending! Brownies were well received by all.

    These are ridiculously good and are so quick. Her instructions are perfectly detailed and her stories are educational and fun.

    I find that they are actually better the next day as far as texture is concerned. Her recipe for Bittersweet Decadence Cookies are awesome also and Easy to make. I am always asked for the recipe every time I bring them somewhere. They have that great candy top as well. Or even no nuts at all. Which makes them even richer. Plus a technique of whisking the eggs with the sugar till pale in color. They are still very fudgy, a little less dense, but not cakey. I made these this afternoon and they are absolutely amazing!

    I had a little trouble with the bowl-in-simmering-pot scenario because it kept trying to boil over, but other than that it was very easy to make: I made these today …. As if they needed to be any closer to heavenly??? And I might have achieved Perfection … just saying …: Thanks for another lovely recipe! I made these this afternoon and they were simple to make and so very delicious. I made these the other day when I was craving brownies and only had cocoa powder in the house.

    They are so perfectly fudgy and chocolaty. By the way, I only ate a few before sticking the rest in the freezer. I pull one out when I need a fix. They have been in there for about a month and are still fantastic. I did the first part in the microwave and had no problems. This is a terrific recipe for comparing cocoa powders, both for flavor and for properties of Dutch vs. Lots of experts agree the higher acid content of natural cocoa sets eggs sooner in batters which may help account for the extra cooking times noted in comments when dutched cocoa was used ; but otherwise the experts seem to be all over the lot on which is better, and when.

    Visually the difference was night vs. They were just different. That seems hard to believe, but this recipe gives an easy and tasty way to find out. Of course, my obsession Valrhona is the one ridiculously priced non-Dutched cocoa….

    This recipe does sound delicious. While it does not boast that crackly shiny crust that appeals to my eyes, I think the deep chocolatey-ness will win me over enough to try these out anyway! I read this post and then immediately made the brownies, and then I posted the recipe, too. They sure are something else…. These are absolute heaven! Baked these up this afternoon, and finally cut into them… Um, why did I wait?! By the way, how long would these keep?

    Can I place them in the oven and heat them up when needed? Can be kept for more than 1 month? I just love when I come across a recipe for which I already have every ingredient! Thanks for a sweet treat, Deb!

    Used up the last of my Valrhona on these today. Used the microwave method for combining the cocoa, butter and sugar. Super-easy and really, really good! Made these the moment I saw them pop up on this site because I love brownies, had the ingredients on hand, and love box mix brownies!! I just substituted gf flour and they came out like perfection! Chewy and dense, I just love it! I made these with half the cocoa, because when I was in the middle of making them and measured my cocoa I only had 40 grams.

    They were still awesome and cocoa-y. Deb, will you please clarify the way to melt the chocolate, do you put the bowl directly on top of simmering water on a wide skillet this is exactly what I did or do it like a double boiler where the bottom of the bowl is not suppose to touch the simmering water??? I love Maida Heatter. Everyone should bake from her books. This recipe whips up in less than 45 mins inclusive of baking time. I just love the fact that I almost always have cocoa on hand.

    I save my good chocolate for fancy things like truffles and ganache. The brownies are so chocolaty and rich despite using just cocoa. I will try your recipe and compare the results. By the way, you have such a great site. I made these today and they are fudgy and delicious. I did make them a bit healthier by cutting the butter in half and replacing the other half with five tablespoons of vanilla yogurt.

    Thanks for such a great recipe. Deb, Valrhona is a Dutch-processed cocoa. I would think those tests turned out that way because there are times when natural cocoa is best, with its more aggressive flavor. But there are times the less acidic Dutch-process is best. I went all out and used the Scharfenberger cocoa powder.

    Surprised no one else brought it up. The other teapot tempest in this thread of comments is the whole wooden spoon thing. Geez, people are fussy. I used to worry about the whole cast iron pan issue-seemed unsanitary just to wipe it out. I finally got cast iron religion and not only have never looked back, I kick myself that it took so long for me to get cast iron. People have been using wooden spoons for how many thousands of years now though?

    Scharffenberger is my absolute favourite cocoa powder. I personally really dislike the metallic taste of dutch-processed cocoa V. Fudgy moist and dense brownies are incredible! I use the Valrhona cocoa and then chop up a bit of the bar to add to the batter before baking. Soft brownies with little chocolate bites in them. Why did I only see this recipe after I made the emergency chocolate cake for my husband?

    Looks like a much better use of the ingredients! Oh well, will store this recipe away for future cake emergencies. I am living in Cairo this year, and your recipe for brownies hit a real American nerve. They are cooling on the counter now as the mezzuin sings the call to prayer. I figure that these will freeze well if my chocoholic son lets them get as far as that.

    I was extremely nervous when I pulled the bowl off the pan with the water since it really looked like the cocoa had seized. Anyway, I soldiered on, and everything seemed fine once I mixed in the eggs and flour, but I will know for sure once they cool and we try them. As a note to the files, doubled, and cooked in the pyrex pan, this recipe required 37 minutes to bake. The new CI magagzine has a brownie recipe too. Thank you for always giving us a glimpse of Jacob: SUCH a pleasure for us….

    Except hers has leavening. And technically, the originally recipe called for unsweetened chocolate squares, but we always used cocoa as a substitute. Ah yes welcome to my world where Bittersweet rules.

    They are dead simple and the best brownies ever—no frosting or box mix necessary. One question—how did you get yours to cut so neatly? Did you chill first and use a plastic knife? I cut mine while still warm and they were a bit jagged…. This looks like a smaller version of my favorite brownie recipe.

    I think you should make a bigger batch recipe, because these delicious bites of heaven will be devoured in no time! These brownies are extremely rich! Maybe it was the high-fat European butter that is all you get in Cairo, but my son felt that they were even a little too rich. I have a recipe that I found on allrecipes.

    I might try this recipe because of the pictures. Boys are the best! May top with roasted cocoa nibs if this is allowed.

    Re your cutting brownies dilemma — use a plastic knife. A friend told me this trick and it really works. Oh my god, these are amazing. I also tried the eggs poached in tomato sauce on bread, and yum! I love you blog! Keep cooking yummy food! I just made some brownies and was so dissapointed. I swaped butter out for oil and that was a huge mistake.

    WOW, these were really really good. Thanks for putting this recipe up, Deb! I will absolutely try that next time. I had mine almost frozen before I could get clean cuts, even with a sharp knife.

    We enjoy our brownies more cake like, Joy of Cooking book club is our standard. I do love how yours look, though. So dark and rich, rather intense…almost evil…in a way that only dark chocolate can be. I used Dutch-processed cocoa powder I live in The Netherlands, it would be sacrilegious not to and the chocolate flavor is unbelievable. I just had a little trouble cutting them. The knife kept sticking in between the brownies. Thanks for the recipe. Because I really, really love chocolate and I am not at all dubious about cocoa.

    In fact, the best brownies I have ever made — the ones my friends drool over and request every. I come over for dinner — are made with cocoa. I think it all depends on the recipe, as you have so deliciously shown. I just recently started reading your blog, and when I saw this recipe and realized I had all the ingredients on hand, I HAD to try it. Made them last night, and Oh. These brownies are to die for. I did put them in the fridge, but got a little impatient and cut them while they were still slightly warm.

    Sarah — I gathered some on this page around the holidays. I loved these brownies! I took mine out a bit early so they stayed nice and chewy. I cut down on the sugar and baking time a little bit. They turned out fantastic and have a really nice rich chocolate taste.

    I only wish there were more photos in the book. I have a favourite cocoa brownie recipe that everyone seems to love!

    Thank you very much for this recipe with grams! Thanks for the wonderful recipes. Do you have a preferred cocoa brand? Yours looks so dark and luscious in the pictures. The mainstream brand I normally get at the supermarket always looks sort of pale and pasty to me. This is almost completely flourless. Deb…Valhrona IS Dutch processed. David Lebovitz pointed that out to me on one of his posts.

    I thought it had been concluded the other way. My memory is not what it once was, sigh. And oh my goodness are they ever so chocolate-y. After I baked them I went to take a shower. I said that was fine.

    So what if a square is missing? Well I went downstairs to find he had oh so helpfully cut the entire pan of brownies. Sufficed to say they look nothing like yours, Deb.

    My heart broke a little after spending so much time making these bits of heaven that 1 he cut into huge piggy squares, and 2 were completely obliterated, all jagged edges and crumbs.

    And when I oh so gently made it known that he ruined my brownies, he had the nerve to get mad at me! I will fully admit that I am the person who reaches for a brownie mix more often than not. Then I doctor them up with all sorts of chips or ganache.

    These however look absolutely incredible on their own and almost as easy to make. Thank you for sharing. I loved this recipe! This is nearly spot on to that recipe! I bet if I used Ghiradelli powder it would have been the same. This is the recipe I have been searching for the most amazing delicious brownie. Now I need to hid them from the kids….

    Looks can be deceiving, I guess. I made these brownies at the last minute when my cupboard held nothing but cocoa powder. And when you said their texture was like that of a box-mix….. BUT they were delicious. I made them again the next night, with a half tbsp of ground coffee. So thanks, you proved me wrong. If you want another excellent recipe.. I have to laugh.. John— I love doing side-by-side taste tests In an older issue of Cooks Illustrated, they compared different brands of chocolate wish I could remember the date.

    I have some cocoa in the pantry and am looking foward to making these! Delurking because these are VERY similar to my fudgy brownie recipe, which is requested for the annual Superbowl party and is the only brownie recipe my family has ever known. I made yours tonight to test out the difference — this has a greater quantity of butter and cocoa and a touch less flour, and WOW! I thought my fudgy brownies were the best ever, but these might take the prize.

    The extra cocoa powder made them that much richer, and the extra butter gave them an even chewier texture. I might try to sub these in at the Superbowl party and see what the consensus is! Thanks for sharing, Deb. I made these brownies tonight! They are delicious and will not last long! The recipe is a keeper. We are so excited to try more recipes with cocoa powder. Yours sound so tasty! We just did a post on cocoa beans and learned that the cocoa bean was said to be introduced by the ancient Maya.

    They created a drink with it, but first they used it as currency like money. Can you imagine working for cocoa beans! We decided we love chocolate so much that we just might do it. Who would have ever known that cocoa brownies could be so good? And I forgot the walnuts! Anyway, thanks again for a winner. As always, you present something delicious with a fresh perspective. I am so happy that you posted a cocoa brownie recipe! We do, however, have cocoa! I will make these tonight and use it to smooth away the hot day of dust, culture clash, and political intrigue.

    I heart the smitten kitchen! These were so good. And a shout out to other celiacs who read this blog: You can easily swap the all purpose flour in this recipe for an equal amount of an all purpose gluten free blend I used Gluten Free Pantry.

    They were awesome, and gluten free. Bumped in here through foodie blog,and liked it a lot,u have an amazing space,awesome collection of recipes… Chocolate Brownies looks enticing…Got to try this…. I made these while snowed in on Saturday, since they looked so wonderful and I had everything on hand. There is nothing that can be done about it.

    There is only one version of the post, and in that it is corrected. The print template has apparently just logged the earlier version. What matters is that in the print template, the recipe is correct. The only thing they require is a big glass of milk to make the heavenly experience of the perfect brownie complete. My other brownie recipe is sweeter and more kid-friendly. Having said that, my 1yr old had a nibble of your brownie today and definitely would have had a bit more… an aficionado already!

    Another different take but surprisingly delicious. The kids love them ofcourse without any nuts and so do we. Did I do something wrong.

    They were kind of thin, which was fine by me given the richness. But is that how they are supposed to be. Hi B — Yes, the batter was very thick for me too.

    Basically, it poured into the pan okay but then quickly stiffened up. This is just fine. I just spread it out and popped it in the oven. Have you tried using a plastic knife to cut your brownies? I made these this morning and after cooling for an hour, finally ate one. They are so easy and so delicious. They are a little difficult to spread in the pan, but I gave up on spreading them perfectly and they still turned out wonderful.

    I did the first step in the microwave and baked them for an additional 10 minutes. I may never go back to making non-coca brownies. BTW always use a plastic knife to cut brownies. I just made these and topped them with homemade chocolate ice cream. So rich, chocolaty, and fudgey. This recipe was fantastic though I agree that you can never really choose a favorite brownie recipe and they are delish! Tried these out last night and was incredibly happy I did.

    I also decided to throw in some orange zest on a whim, and it was fantastic. Rather than checking with a toothpick, I just touched them and they felt and looked set. I was completely wrong. They were still batter in the center and the edge ones were kind of soft. It is not preventing anyone at work from ohhing and aahhing over the edge pieces.

    The center was thrown in the freezer to be cut into squares to be cooked into individual brownies as needed. I do not think that the batter will spread much. I keep cookie dough in the freezer to cook one or two at a time, and I love the crunchy outside and the warm, melty, not cooked batter inside.

    It has become my standard house cocoa. So wonderful in frosting as well. Do you know why the recipe specifically says to use cold eggs? I always thought it was better to use room-temperature ingredients when baking so everything gets incorporated easier without stiffening the batter.

    I wonder if using cold eggs here creates a different texture than room-temp eggs would. Wish you could go to Surfas!

    This produced an intriguing, profoundly cocoa-flavored but less-sweet brownie. Husband liked the original better -whenever I alter a recipe not to his liking, he acts flummoxed.

    I think I have my next cooking assignment! What could be BAD about this recipe? What could be bad about your site? Deb — I think your comment to Eliz was meant for the Chana Masala post? Unless one of you plans on making a spicy version of these brownies. I have since discovering your website made the Mushroom and Brioche Bites the were like crack! I made the caramel pudding. And now these Brownies! Until I made these!

    I think if I cut them into 25 squares I would actually end up eating more! Thanks for the awesome recipes! This is quite similar to the alton brown recipe for cocoa brownies which I just happened to make today. The AB recipe has a good bit more cocoa, two more eggs and six tablespoons more butter. Oh and about 1 more cup of sugar split evenly between brown and white. I made these brownies last night…they were delicous! Great recipe…thanks for posting!

    I made these this past weekend and they were fabulous! I halved the recipe and cooked them in a loaf pan lined with parchment and they turned out great. For me they took a bit longer than 25 minutes. I left them to cool overnight, and they cut quite easily and neatly this morning. When I finally brought them in they seemed improved. They were dense, but fudgy and wonderful. I used Ghirardelli cocoa I buy in bulk at the health food store.

    Thanks for the recipe! I saw this post tonight, and I had to make them tonight! I had the perfect amount of cocoa left in the can, so I figured it was destiny.

    Medical marijuana in Pennsylvania: What will happen, and what won’t

    When making marijuana brownies, you won't have the desired result unless If you prefer to make weed brownies using butter rather than oil, continue reading. vegan brownie or cake recipe but I can't seem to find one here (perhaps it is in . easy cannabis edibles to make. Learn But some people would rather make their own concoctions than rely on pre-made ones. So what are. Is it time to make more cannabis infused honey and fi LEVO · LEVO | Cannabis-Infused Butter: 10 Easy Steps to The Best Weed Butter Ever! -. Cannabis.

    How to Make Cannabis-Infused Butter (or ‘Cannabutter’)



    When making marijuana brownies, you won't have the desired result unless If you prefer to make weed brownies using butter rather than oil, continue reading. vegan brownie or cake recipe but I can't seem to find one here (perhaps it is in .


    easy cannabis edibles to make. Learn But some people would rather make their own concoctions than rely on pre-made ones. So what are.


    Is it time to make more cannabis infused honey and fi LEVO · LEVO | Cannabis-Infused Butter: 10 Easy Steps to The Best Weed Butter Ever! -. Cannabis.


    However, making weed edibles requires a certain amount of knowledge of both cooking and marijuana to craft the perfect batch. Rather than think of the potency of the weed as your number one goal, instead think of getting some . Canada Becomes 2nd Country to Legalize Recreational Marijuana.


    Of all the ways to consume cannabis, pot brownies are probably the most that's because a brownie's effects take a while to come on and can be pretty darn To make those weed brownies, cookies, or candies, cannabis is heated up three women are murdered by real-life Joes every day in this country.

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